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Choosing an entry door for your home is one major decision. Our Panel door ranges features combine energy efficiency, enhanced security, providing an attractive entrance to your home as well as protection against the weather elements. 

They are available in a variety of styles and decorative finishes. Doors in the PVCu range come with an exceptional of 15 year working guarantee as they are individually manufactured according to market-leading specifications.

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functional and attractive design

Our doors are designed with convenience in mind to be fully functional, attractive in a way that is pleasing to the senses and to give a unique style to every type of home whether it be a for a renovation project or a new build home.



We manufacture panel doors using the strongest and highly durable materials so they can maintain their form and shape to prevent shape loss and rot. Double glazing and triple glazing our doors imparts excellent noise reduction and insulation properties. 

All door panels and glazing units are bonded together using advanced technology for maximum thermal insulation, they come with  an ‘A’ energy rating standard.  For best results and for the highest energy performance choose a 40 mm panel with a triple glazed unit.

UPVC door

Energy and Weather Protection

Multiple chambers inside the door frame also maximize energy performance by providing a barrier to prevent heat loss from the home and to save on energy heating bills

The door layers are constructed from solid layers of MD, Styrofoam as well as inner and outer layers of PVCU skins for strength, energy performance and endurance for protecting the home against severe weather conditions. All decorations in the triple glazing units are fitted to a middle pane to shield them from weather damage.

Panel Door security

The security of your home is of absolute importance, our Panel Doors come with multipoint
locking mechanisms as a standard, the hook lock option offers optimum security.

The panel door is durable, tough and sturdy, the decorative glass units can be toughened for more security. Flag hinges also add security and durability to the unit.

Panel door security features

Panel Doors Collection

the Panel Doors collection


This design is based on the traditional style cottage door.  It combines panelling with handcrafted glass.


This is another cottage style door which features a modern combination of panelling design and glazing which will suit any home. 


Antwerp is a newcomer to the cottage designs with style to suit every home.


The Athens is large arch-shaped panel created to maximise the use of light especially for darker spaces. It comes with a variety of glass and colour choices.


A firm customer favourite, the Brussels features twin glazed panel suitable for contemporary, traditional and modern house styles featuring a variety of colours and glass designs.


This design has a large oval shaped glazing to bring natural light into your house.


Another traditional style door design which has a small oval shaped glazing and can be customised with a number of styles and colours.


The Dublin range is another customer favourite which comes either as a solid door or can be customised with one, three or five glazed panels in a variety of glass designs.


Madrid has a more individual style of front door, which features glazing in different designs and colours.


This is a romantic style front door, with beautiful design choices for glazing and colour options.


This traditional design has a large glazing area to let in natural light. The decorative glass options available for the Prague are customised to add your personal style.


This modern design features dual glazed panels in several styles, of your choice of design.


The Vienna is designed to permit more natural light through the door – this emphasises its glass design and its enclosing relief pattern panelling feature.

Door Colours

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