white bathroom worktop and brown cabinets

Budget Decorating Ideas For The Bathroom

Decorating on a budget may seem challenging however, it does not always have to be pricey. A tired old bathroom can be revamped to take on a new life by making it look fresh and charming only with a few special touches in the right places. The focal point of decorating a small bathroom in is attention to small detail.

A big budget for decorating is not a necessity, particularly for a small room, it is still possible to create the bathroom of your dreams. A carefully planned budget can be used to create the ideal escape retreat needed after a long day. Here are a few decorating ideas to make it look wonderful as if you have spent a lot money and much time for decoration.

Brighten up your bathroom instantly by using bright coloured paint, it is a quick and easy way to decorate in no time. Choose a colour that represents your style of decorating whilst avoiding dark paint colours. The focal point of choosing the right paint is a nice gloss and should be easy to clean.

Installing new hardware to freshen the look of the room, to be able to stick to the budget re-painting old hardware and buying new handles and fixtures for bathroom cabinet doors and drawers.

To give the room a sense of continuity, choose sheer fabric for the window treatment and shower curtain fabric or other light fabrics that match the colour of the walls.

Create the feeling of a larger space by hanging a mirror that reflects light.

Make extra space by getting rid of any items that you no longer need and keeping only what you need. Consider decorative containers, racks and dispensers to give more decorations without adding clutter.

Hang a transparent shower curtain in dark colours and patterns to block the flow of light through the bathroom.

Make the room feel open by using soft light, such as candles. Do not use stark white light that will overwhelm a small bathroom.

Add a shelving unit to the wall to get more space. Shelving units are available in different sizes and inexpensive.

shower enclosure and bathtub

Other ideas to consider which involve remodelling.



Making the ceiling higher is a fabulous idea to add spaciousness to small bathroom. One way to achieve this is by adding paste on border top or crown moulding. Vertical lines will achieve the high ceiling appearance.

Doors and windows:

Having a large window, installing sliding doors, using glass block on widows are right ways to get appear large on your small bathroom. You can also add character to the room by adding stained-glass to the windows or door.


One of the most important factors in the makeover is making use of functional space as much as possible. Recessed cabinets and shelves add storage space above and also having wall mounted cabinets to preserve floor space are another option to have a more spacious look.


Colour and light:

Try to use soft colour combination to give illusion of more space. For more lighting add sconces or vanity lighting Finally, decorating the bathroom is not expensive but cheap and simple, it requires making the most of any decorative items that one already has.