Free Energy heat Loss Audit

We offer a free energy audit to our customers who purchase any of our products. Home energy audits help you make valuable savings on your bills and identify areas where you are losing energy unnecessarily.

If your recent bills have been a little on the high side, it may be wise to organise a home energy audit as soon as you can to boost energy efficiency in your home.


Reduce energy bills

A typical house will be wasting 20% – 40% in energy from poor insulation, and loss of heat.

Using state of the art thermal cameras we will be able to find problems with insulation, damp, faulty double glazing, suspected air leakage and insulation in windows, doors and roof windows along with suspected air leakage around window seals and displaced insulation around gables.

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The Green Homes grant is a government scheme that provides vouchers up to £5,000 for up to two-thirds of the cost for energy efficiency and low carbon heat improvements to your home. 

Some services provided by Midland Door and Window Home Improvements are covered under the schema and listed below.

A household may qualify for a more grant if they are a homeowner and they or someone in the household receives one of the qualifying benefits. The government can cover 100% of the cost of the improvements up to £10,000.

What Home Improvements are covered under the Scheme? 

The following list is not comprehensive but lists the services we provide covered under the scheme.

Windows and doors:
Draught proofing
Double/triple glazing (to replace single glazing)
Secondary glazing (adding to single glazing)
Energy efficient replacement doors (replacing single glazed or solid doors installed pre 2002)

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