Upvc windows and doors and porch

Isn’t it time to replace your windows and doors?

An issue with owning a house is that you do need to look after it and from time to time, you do need to consider updating old or worn out fixtures and fittings.  Your windows and doors are a case in point. Not only do they greatly affect the external appearance of your home, they are also important for protecting indoors from the outside elements. Replacing with uvpc windows and doors is often the best option and given that window replacement cost can be high, uvpc is often the most inexpensive option as well.

Changing your windows and doors is not only necessary for cosmetic reasons. You may know it is time to replace your windows and doors when you start feeling a draught even if the windows are closed. Keeping our homes insulated and heated throughout cold weather is important and if your home is not fully insulated you will be wasting energy and spending more on heating bills. When it comes to comfort, it is impossible to feel warm and cosy in a draughty room.

Other signs that you may need to replace your windows may include, condensation build up between the layers of glass which looks unsightly and impedes your outside view.  You may find it hard to open and close your windows and doors because they stick or have become damaged or warped over time.

The external appearance of your home is also of utmost importance. Unsightly window frames and a less than perfect front door create a very bad impression, making your home look neglected and insecure. Replacing with uvpc windows and doors immediately transforms the external appearance of your home and if you ever want to sell, doing this will add value to your home.

Changing your windows and doors is a major step for most people. Window replacement costs can be high depending upon the material you choose.  However one of the most inexpensive options in to go for uvpc windows and doors and this material has a lot of advantages over wood or aluminium.

 UVPC is hard wearing and requires minimal maintenance beyond wiping over with a cloth occasionally. In addition good quality UVPC is hard wearing and resistant to weather and temperature.  Good quality UVPC that has been fitted by a reputable company can last for around 35 years making it comparable with other materials. That said it is important to shop around and go for the company with the best reputation, rather than the company that offers the cheapest price because cheap UPVC may not be as long lasting.

Another great feature of UPVC windows and doors is that you don’t have to only choose a white finish. Many companies offer a wide range of colour finishes, so if you fancy Mediterranean blue, deep red, grey or green, you can choose the tone that best matches your home.

Typically window replacement cost in the average three bedroom house should be in the region of around £3000 -£5000.  You can expect to pay around 15% more for coloured UPVC and of course replacing your door will add extra. However when you take the value of your home into consideration, choosing to switch to UPVC windows and doors is an investment that is certainly worth doing without cutting corners.